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At The Sandwich Odyssey we prepare our food from scratch with fresh produce and meats roasted daily, sliced by hand and prepared on bread that is fresh baked every morning. All soups, sauces, and salads are made in house, in small batches to ensure a high quality meal you won’t forget. 

The Sandwich Odyssey first opened their doors in 1994 with the aim to serve traditional style sub sandwiches found in big cities to the small town community of Bellingham, Washington! Founder Mirela Giaconi, her husband Greg Beyer, and brother Tony Giaconi opened one of the first local ran delis in town as most were chains at the time. Mirela built her business around her customers, always prioritizing face to face interaction and welcoming everyone who came through the door. If she knew your name, she knew your order.

Jump ahead nearly a quarter century, the Sandwich Odyssey still prides itself on cultivating that same personable experience. The restaurant is still in the family, now owned by daughter Lauren, who began cooking next to Mirela at a very young age. You can still find Mirela working behind the counter several hours a day, ready to greet you with open arms. Lauren brings a fresh outlook to the shop, reaching out to the online community and also coming up with new ideas to keep the lunch adventure exciting.  More additions are expected to take place in the years to come! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we will be constantly updating our customers with the latest news.